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Simplify on-site Risk Management with Risk Assessor

By utilising flexible templates, WHS Monitor can automatically prepare any task-based or hazard-based assessments. WHS Monitor provides instant mobile access for staff to acknowledge risk by electronically signing.

Job Safety Analysis (JSA’s)

Rapid, automated creation of job Safety Analysis based on your risk register. Capture digital signatures for review and approval of the JSA.

Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)

Rapid, automated creation of Safe Work Method Statements with digital signatures for all workers. Review and update on the fly with interactive hazard risk assessments.

Quick Chemical Hazard Assessment Reports (Q-Chart)

Provide workers with a simple one page summary of critical risk information including easy to understand pictograms.

Safe Work Procedure (SWP)

Create interactive and automated safe work procedures for workers, prompting a review of task hazards and risks. Capture signatures of completed procedures for accountability.

Risk Assessor boasts unparalleled features

Risk Assessor provides a high level of customisability. Create interactive and scalable gap analysis, hazard reports, rapid risk assessments, SWMS, JSAs, job procedures, permits and audits.

Customised risk assessments and streamlined workflows

Create assessments from scratch or customise one of our many templates. Add logic and complexity with conditional questions.

Rapid risk and hazard reporting

With one click, users can add risks and hazards reports to any question, including interactive risk rating functionality.

Create controls and corrective actions

Add actionable controls and corrective actions to each identified hazard with the added ability to include comments and images.

Delegate tasks with a signed completion

Delegate any task or corrective action to a team member, receive notifications and request a signature on completion for full accountability.

Powerful Risk Insights

WHS Monitor provides real time risk statistics providing business leaders the information they need to improve management of risk, ensure accountability and demonstrate due diligence.


Site/Project Risk Assessments

Automatically create a register of risks on sites / projects, with ability to create a site/project risk report. Identify and prioritise all risks and their required actions.

Environmental Risk Assessments

Conduct interactive and automated environmental risk assessments on sites or projects. Automatically generate a detailed risk report for all environmental hazards

Task/Hazard Risk Assessments

Create detailed risk assessments on any tasks or hazards in the organisation. Capture signatures for workers reviewing risks and automatically generate comprehensive risk assessment reports.

Chemical Risk Assessments

Create detailed risk assessments for chemicals used within the organisation, with automated chemical risk information supplied from our extensive proprietary database.

More than a checklist app, WHS Monitor helps you to manage your entire safety process, no matter how complex. Simplify your compliance and get peace of mind today.


WHS Monitor module features

WHS Monitor modules are the most advanced on the market with a long list of standard inclusions as well as integrations for automation between modules

System Automation

The incident management module automatically links all relevant staff, risk and asset information to enable single point management of all supporting WHS records.

Compliance Benefits

  • Dashboard Reporting
  • Hazard Reporting
  • Automated Notifications
  • Action Plan
  • Digital Signatures
  • Custom Reports
  • Multimedia
  • Configurable

Ease of Use

  • Interactive
  • Simple UI
  • Training
  • Cloud Based
  • Access Levels
  • Mobile Access
  • RFID Enabled
  • Business Rules
  • Notifications


  • Two-Step Authentication
  • Single Sign On
  • ISO 27001 Security

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