Know your contractors are compliant

The Contractor management solution provides an automated process for contractors to pre-qualify and be inducted prior to arrival on site.

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Don't get caught out by unqualified contractors

WHS Monitor’s contractor prequalification system provides online registration for contractors, and monitors their compliance status with automated prompts to supply all required documentation including licences, permits and insurance certificates for tracking purposes as well as complete required online inductions.

Contractor induction requirements

Online Contractor Self-Registration

Create an automated online contractor registration via a simple to use portal, customised to your business.

Contractor Pre-qualification

Ensure all contractors and their associated workers supply required documentation prior to arrival on site.

Online Induction

Setup customised, online inductions for contractors to complete prior to their arrival on site.

Manage Contractor Permits

Create an automated online permit to work process to capture the risks of works completed by contractors.

Complete Job and Risk Management for Contractors

The contractor management solution seamlessly integrates with Risk Management to identify hazards and control risks of activities undertaken by contractors. It also enables organisations to implement automated job order and permit processes.

The Contractor management module is seamlessly integrated with the asset and chemical management modules to ensure contractors on-site have access to all the relevant safety information required. HR management integration ensures all contractor records are always up to date.

Contractor risk assessment signature

Contractor Risk Management

Conduct compliance audits and risk assessments with your contractors via an interactive risk assessor module.

Contractor Job Management

Capture job safety information and risks via a fully customisable online job assessment tool.

Contractor Attendance

Capture sign in and out for all contractors, including jobs completed on the day and automatically generate reports for emergency management and job completion.

Automated, multi-level notifications

Setup fully configurable notifications to instantly alert relevant staff of contractor registrations.

Contractor Induction NTap QR Label

Get seamless contractor and visitor inductions using one of our Q-Tap or N-tap digital labels. Just tap or scan the label to complete the induction.

More than a checklist app, WHS Monitor helps you to manage your entire safety process, no matter how complex. Simplify your compliance and get peace of mind today.


WHS Monitor modules features

WHS Monitor modules are the most advanced on the market with a long list of standard inclusions as well as integrations for automation between modules

System Automation

The contractor management module automatically links all relevant risk, chemical and asset information to give contractors all the information they need.

Compliance Benefits

  • Dashboard Reporting
  • Claims Management
  • Incident Investigation
  • Configurable
  • Incident Reporting
  • Custom Reports
  • Automated Notifications
  • Action Plan
  • Multimedia

Ease of Use

  • Interactive
  • Cloud Based
  • RFID Enabled
  • Simple UI
  • Access Levels
  • Business Rules
  • Training
  • Mobile Access
  • Notifications


  • Two-Step Authentication
  • Single Sign On
  • ISO 27001 Security

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