Keep your asset maintenance up to date

The asset management solution provides a complete register of all key assets within an organisation and also allows monitoring of conditions and scheduling of inspections and maintenance.

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There's a simpler way to do pre-starts

Quickly complete customisable pre-start inspections for any machinery or equipment to ensure it is safe for use and avoid the possibility of costly incidents.

Customisable pre-start inspections

Create customised pre-start or regular safety inspections specific to each asset in the organisation.

Asset Condition Reports

Generate automatic detailed reports on the condition, testing and servicing for all assets in the organisation.

Predictive Reporting

Identify assets due for servicing / maintenance based on use patterns.

Automated, multi-level notifications

Automatically assign actions and notify key staff of faults relating to assets.

Monitor assets of every size

WHS Monitor’s configurable asset registers enable easy management of every asset within the organisation all the way down to it’s location and condition.

Electrical Equipment Register

Manage a detailed register of electrical equipment, with notifications for test and tag .

Safety Equipment Register

Manage a detailed register of all safety equipment used on site, with notifications for required testing or servicing.

Our asset and fleet safety Q-Tap and N-Tap digital access labels enable staff to update condition reports and record inspections for all fleet and plant, machinery and tools.

More than a checklist app, WHS Monitor helps you to manage your entire safety process, no matter how complex. Simplify your compliance and get peace of mind today.


WHS Monitor modules features

WHS Monitor modules are the most advanced on the market with a long list of standard inclusions as well as integrations for automation between modules

System Automation

The incident management module automatically links all relevant staff, risk and asset information to enable single point management of all supporting WHS records.

Compliance Benefits

  • Dashboard Reporting
  • Automated Scheduling
  • Automated Notifications
  • Pre-start Checks
  • Action Plan
  • Custom Reports
  • Multimedia
  • Configurable
  • Fully Integrated
  • Consolidated Asset List

Ease of Use

  • Centralised
  • Interactive
  • Simple UI
  • Training
  • Cloud Based
  • Access Levels
  • Mobile Access
  • RFID Enabled
  • Business Rules
  • Notifications


  • Two-Step Authentication
  • Single Sign On
  • ISO 27001 Security

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