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WHS Monitor's chemical management system simplifies chemical inventory management and uniquely automates compliance relating to the storage, use and handling of chemicals including pesticides, based on a database of 7 million records.

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Automated and complete chemical documentation

WHS Monitor’s chemical management software automatically creates compliant registers, hazard manifests and provides chemical segregation information as well as comprehensive details of a product’s hazardous properties. The chemical compliance system also provides a complete Spray Diary for agricultural chemicals.

Comprehensive reporting and analytics allows users to maintain a complete, up-to-date chemical management plan

WHS Monitor’s safety specialists keep the chemical management system up to date with a live feed of current manufacturer’ safety data sheets.

Chemical register

Integrated Chemical Database

Real time access to up-to-date chemical product information, with an extensive proprietary database of chemical safety information comprised of 7 million records.

Storage Segregation Tool

Identify incompatible chemicals which must be segregated or isolated from one another.

Placarding and Labelling

Automatically create placards for any stored dangerous goods.


Automatically create state specific manifests based on the products on site.

Pesticide Management

Automatically address the specific compliance requirements relating to the storage and use of pesticides.

Spray Diary

Rapidly record chemical applications online, in a form that meets all relevant legal, industry and quality control requirements.

Chemical Risk Management

​​​​The Chemical Risk Management module creates detailed risk assessments for chemicals stored and used within an organisation.

It includes a chemical inventory, allows the recording of control measures and provides a guided risk matrix to determine the level of risk posed to each staff member based on the frequency of exposure and the likely consequences.

Chemical risk assessment

Detailed Chemical Risk Assessments

Create detailed risk assessments for chemicals used within the organisation, with automated chemical risk information supplied from our extensive proprietary database.

Task based Chemical Risk Assessments

Create detailed risk assessments for operations that use chemicals, with integrated chemical and non-chemical risk information.

Quick Chemical Hazard Assessment Reports (Q-Chart)

Provide workers with a simple one page summary of critical risk information including easy to understand pictograms.

Chemical QR Codes

Provide workers, contractors and even visitors with instant, easy access to chemical safety information, without the need for special applications.

More than a checklist app, WHS Monitor helps you to manage your entire safety process, no matter how complex. Simplify your compliance and get peace of mind today.


WHS Monitor modules features

WHS Monitor modules are the most advanced on the market with a long list of standard inclusions as well as integrations for automation between modules

System Automation

The incident management module automatically links all relevant staff, risk and asset information to enable single point management of all supporting WHS records.

Compliance Benefits

  • Dashboard Reporting
  • Risk Assessments
  • Action Plan
  • Custom Reports
  • Chemical Compliance
  • Inventory Management

Ease of Use

  • Centralised
  • Interactive
  • Simple UI
  • Training
  • Cloud Based
  • Access Levels
  • Mobile Access
  • RFID Enabled
  • Business Rules
  • Notifications
  • Data Feed


  • Two-Step Authentication
  • Single Sign On
  • ISO 27001 Security


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