Why inductions are integral to WHS Management


Workers, contractors and visitors must be provided information about the site in the form of a workplace induction. Under the Workplace Safety Act a PCBU must inform workers, visitors and contractors about the risks of the work being carried out. While workers may have received inductions in the past, they must be inducted into each worksite or activity, as each worksite will have unique risks and controls.

Broadly speaking there are three levels of induction, though this may vary depending on the organisation:

  • Industry-wide inductions, such as the construction White card    
  • Corporate inductions, which provide general information such as company policies or risk management procedures 
  • Site inductions, which provide specific information about a worksites, hazards controls and procedures.

Unfortunately, it is both difficult and time consuming to provide people with adequate information. In an informal induction some topics may be forgotten or only briefly mentioned It can also be hard to tell if the information has been absorbed and fully understood.

Visitors and contractors may also be overlooked. Without accurate records it’s impossible to tell who has or hasn’t been inducted.

To create effective inductions:

  • Keep them simple, too much information can overwhelm the audience. If there is a lot to cover, consider breaking the induction into several smaller ones. 
  • Have an established process for inductions that ensures all the information has been provided.
  • Consider having assessment questions to test the workers’ comprehension.
  • Make sure you have accurate records

Use WHS Monitor to create automated and highly interactive online inductions.

Are your inductions up to scratch?

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