Free COVID-19 Vaccination and testing Register

We are offering all Australian businesses a free 12 month subscription to WHS Monitor's COVID-19 immunisation register module to monitor testing, vaccinations, boosters and manage related actions.

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Keep track of employee COVID-19 testing and vaccinations

This module offers businesses a quick and easy tool for any employee to record worker and contractor vaccination information including boosters as well as COVID-19 testing results to ensure any transmission events can be mitigated.

WHS Monitor will store your data securely in our Australian, government-certified data centre.

Vaccination Register

Monitor workers planned and actual immunisation dates with automated reminders for further boosters or re-vaccination.

Testing Register

Keep track of employee COVID-19 test results and implement required mitigation actions such as home quarantine.

Health Reporting

Prepare to return to work with real-time dashboards that show vaccination rates and testing results for every business location

Transition back to work safely with automated COVID risk assessments

WHS Monitor’s automated COVID-safe plans are created with up-to-date legislations and cover all policies and procedures necessary to keep your employees safe and your business compliant.

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Speak to one of our consultants to implement your 12-month subscription of the COVID-19 immunisation register. Free for all Australian businesses.

Our attendance monitoring Q-Tap and N-Tap digital access labels easily allow workers to log in and out of site and can be linked to the COVID-19 module.

More than a checklist app, WHS Monitor helps you to manage your entire safety process, no matter how complex. Simplify your compliance and get peace of mind today.


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